The objective of this study was to make improvements in communication and collaboration between neonatal and obstetric specialties. Five NICUs from the Vermont Oxford Network's Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Collaborative in Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine tested potentially better practices that overlap obstetric and NICU care.


One area of practice improvement was the management of the pregnancy at the margin of viability. Another included the use of team training and video simulation to improve team performance during high-risk deliveries using aviation-based communication techniques. Another focus of the collaborative was the creation of a multicenter database to measure combined perinatal and neonatal outcomes.


The principle outcomes are increased patient satisfaction with teamwork between neonatology and obstetric services and improved team response times for emergent deliveries and the increased use of team communication skills during video simulations of high-risk deliveries.


Implementing these potentially better practices can result in improved communication and collaboration related to perinatal and neonatal care.