Helge Lauvsnes



Why did you join Laerdal?

After writing my master thesis for Laerdal Medical, I realized that I wanted to work in an environment where I get to do real product development. Laerdal Medical is such a place!


What is the best thing about working here?

Laerdal Medical has a unique composition of disciplines, all located in the same building. This was a tremendous advantage when I first started out as a newly qualified engineer. You learn a lot from being in contact with people who will be affected daily by the decisions made during the development of new parts and products. Moulding, assembly/production, marketing and technical services all take place within a 2 minute walking distance from my desk; a great starting point for succeeding in the product development process.


Describe a typical day at work

The Laerdal Medical R&D department develops designs for high quality products and ensures these are properly transferred into production. For me, this implies using a wide set of tools to reach this point. A typical day may consist of some CAD-work (computer-aided design), making prototypes in our well equipped workshop or discussing a challenge with the assembly department. Testing a new part or solution and performing other types of verifications may also be a part of my working day, besides documenting the activities above.