Tor Inge Garvik

Why did you join Laerdal?

It has always been important for me to work with issues that matter. I had good friends working there and was aware they had a very competent design team. I was also impressed by the way research results are integrated with the product development process, for instance through the close ties with the SAFER simulation centre.


What is the best thing about working here?

First of all, the atmosphere here is great! I enjoy teamwork very much, and appreciate having many highly qualified colleagues with expertise in different fields. I get to know many people that utilize our solutions and it is inspiring to see that our work plays an important role in helping save lives around the world. I think the combination of having good communication with end users and experts and a capability to develop an idea all the way into a finished product makes an excellent platform for innovation.


Describe a typical day at work

As an industrial designer, I feel that I have a special responsibility making sure that we develop solutions that meet real needs. In my development team we spend much time working with practical problem solving around evolving prototypes that support discussions with experts and end users. The best moments are when these discussions and experiments lead to new understanding and new ideas!