Christopher Byron

Why did you join Laerdal? 

I have always had a strong passion for the healthcare field.  Laerdal Medical Corporation’s mission statement was directly in line with my goals of helping to provide solutions designed at ultimately Helping Save Lives.  Laerdal’s prominent position within the healthcare environment and cutting edge technology enables you the opportunity to contribute to everyday customer needs while making a direct impact as it relates to positive patient outcomes.


What is the best thing about working here? 

The way you are treated as an individual and as a professional.  As an employee within the Laerdal organization you are consistently recognized for your efforts.  Laerdal’s strong focus on growth as a professional allows you to continuously develop your skills on both a professional and personal level.  With a direct focus on patient outcomes it’s very rewarding to know that your everyday efforts are driven by improving patient care.


Describe a typical day at work 

As a Territory Manager each day is different than the day before.  Understanding customers pain points and how we can best address these concerns is just one of the key aspects in our typical work day.  Your ability to interface with some of the most influential providers and researchers in the field enables you to gain a broad range of knowledge and ideas in the creation of solutions for other clients.