Miksi Laerdal

A clear vision and core values

At Laerdal, we believe that there is nothing more meaningful than Helping Save Lives. This is our mission, and it’s why we continue to do what we do. Our daily work is underpinned by a set of values which are key in helping us attain our goals. Both our mission and values drive our work, giving our employees a real purpose.

We strive for all aspects of our operation to benefit and satisfy our employees, the environment and our society. Therefore efforts are made to maintain the Health of our employees, protect the Environment (internal and external) and ensure Safety in all areas of our business.

Working by our mission, vision and values in conjunction with these principles ensures that Laerdal will continue to be an attractive workplace for current and future employees.

Opportunities internationally

Laerdal is based in 23 different countries worldwide, meaning our workforce is international and varied. Our working environment truly benefits from this multi-cultural diversity.

Innovative working environment

Innovation is vital to Laerdal, not only so that we remain the market leader in our strategic areas, but also for us to deliver impact where it matters most: in helping to save more lives.

We believe that innovation occurs more easily when people collaborate together. An open environment of trust and respect means people are energized when approaching challenges and everyone understands the value being created.

Competence development

We will continue to offer well-defined competence development programs to align team members' competence and growth with business strategy and future core competencies.

We believe in having a dynamic learning arena, where team members are motivated to take an active part in their own development as well as sharing their knowledge with others.

Competence is developed through on-the-job training, learning activities in classes or self-study project work, collaboration and debriefing with peers, senior experts and customers.