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Solutions for Obstetrics Training

Approximately 130 million babies are born worldwide each year. The need for obstetrical training is enormous because both mother and neonate are at risk. An OB crisis requires a team of specialists who are prepared to handle the delivery. The ultimate goal of training is to improve clinical outcomes and thereby improve neonatal outcomes. Patient safety initiatives aimed at reducing adverse events and medical errors are being implemented in Obstetrics as a result of risk control strategies.

SimMom™, PROMPT Birthing Simulator and MamaNatalie® provide a comprehensive simulation solution to support multi-disciplined staff in providing obstetrical care.  Using these solutions enables you to refine both individual and team performance, resulting in reduced risk of adverse events through the birthing process.

See How MamaNatalie® is Helping Save Lives

View the ABC News 20/20 special report "Giving Life: A Risky Proposition" with Diane Sawyer, examining why so many women die in childbirth worldwide, and how you can help.

Supporting Global Health - Buy One, Gift One

For every MamaNatalie simulator purchased, Laerdal Medical will contribute a MamaNatalie to a developing country in need through Laerdal Global Health Programs. This is to support our vision of reducing maternal and neonatal mortality worldwide [More]


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