How to implement LLEAP (Laerdal Learning Application)

LEAP software unifies the control of all PC operated Laerdal simulators and
brings simplicity to running simulation training.

We can help you implement LLEAP with the following steps

 Download software >   Request a license >   Get familiar with LLEAP >




Download software

LLEAP Lite is the unregistered version of the full LLEAP software.
As long as the software is unregistered, it has some limitations; it can't connect to a simulator or a patient monitor.

However, it allows you to:

 Practice operating LLEAP on a virtual manikin.

 Bench test pre-programmed scenarios - including SimStore scenarios and patient cases.

 Register a license, so that LLEAP Lite becomes LLEAP and full functionality is unlocked.


Download PDF instructions for installing LLEAP on PCs with Laerdal Legacy Software >


 I confirm that I have checked my PC is compatible and I am ready to download LLEAP Lite.

Download LLEAP Lite > (File Size: 1.2 GB)

Please allow time to download the large file (approximately up to 2 hours for 1 Mbps line).
Download speeds will vary depending on your connection.




Updating LLEAP software?

We have just released software version 6.1. This comes with benefits such as:

  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Introduction of Themes and States
  • New sound recorder software allows recordings to be compatible for both LLEAP and SimPad
  • Right main stem intubation detection indicator
  • Plus other improvements and fixes

Using LLEAP with SimView Server?

LLEAP 6.1 requires SimView server Service Release - Version 5.2.5945.17739 as a minimum.

If you have a previous version to this release, please update SimView by visiting the SimView download page after downloading LLEAP.


Get familiar with LLEAP

Watch our video tutorials to help you get familiar.

View the LLEAP tutorials >


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