Trachlight™ end of life announcement

It is with regret Laerdal Medical announces that after 20 years, Laerdal has determined that Trachlight Stylet and Tracheal Lightwand must be brought to the end of its life. This has not been an easy decision, as many healthcare providers who have used Trachlight as the first choice for difficult Endotracheal Intubations. 


However, Trachlight sales trends have over the past several years been modest, and the future growth opportunities are limited.  As many will be aware, we have also had some challenges over the past year to maintain the product supply. As a result, it is not commercially viable to continue to manufacture the product moving forward.


Part numbers affected by this end of life announcement:

621000  Trachlight™ Handle

621130  Trachlight™ Wand Adult

621140  Trachlight™ Wand Child

621150  Trachlight™ Wand Infant

621300  Trachlight™ Adult Starter Kit

621320  Trachlight™ Child Starter Kit

621340  Trachlight™ Infant Starter Kit


Last time buy

To ease the transition to alternative tools, Laerdal will offer a last time buy option. Purchase orders received by Laerdal within 30 September 2009, can be accepted and these orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible.


Spare parts, warranty and storage

Laerdal will provide access to the one spare part – the “Replacement Battery Cap for Handle (Cat. no. 621010), for a period of 5 years. Customers with major Trachlight™ Wands inventory are advised to take into account future needs of Trachlight™ Handles, as these are not regarded as a spare part and thereby subject for termination.

Trachlight™ will continue to be delivered with a one year warranty with the last time buy items. After the warranty period, Laerdal will not be able to keep any inventory of Trachlight™ Handles and Wands. Due to the material properties and lifetime expectancy, customers are advised not to build inventory of the Trachlight™ Wands, for more than 3 years storage.


Alternatives to Trachlight™

While Laerdal does not provide a direct replacement product, other tools are available from other suppliers to help replace Trachlight™.