Important Product Information SimMan Classic, ALS Skillmaster 4000 and ALS SkillTrainer 200


Laerdal's SimMan Classic, ALS SkillMaster 4000 and ALS SkillTrainer 200 were discontinued in 2011.  We support discontinued products for a period of five years after this point and therefore this support expired in April 2016.

Parts these manikins share with other current manikins will continue to be produced. The following parts for each respectively manikin will continue to be produced for the stated period.

SimMan Classic

specific parts available until 31st August 2017

ALS SkillMaster 4000 and ALS SkillTrainer 200

specific parts available until 31st May 2017

380210 BP Cuff, SimMan 290604 Upper airway tubes
380420 Lung Bag, SimMan 291000 ALS Trainer Stomach bags
380435 Breathing Bladder, SimMan 290700 ALS Trainer replacement Lungs
380446 Chestfoam, SimMan 290603 Skillmaster Airway valve
380455 Chest Skin with Thoracentesis, SimMan  
211-10250 SimMan Airway Complete  


The remaining parts specific to these manikins will no longer be manufactured, and only current stock will be available to order.

SimMan Classic will not be supported in the future versions of LLEAP software.  The manikin will still be active in LLEAP releases, but the software will not have been tested and errors will not be corrected for SimMan Classic.