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Clinical female pelvic trainer

The CFPT Mk 3 is an anatomically accurate and tactile representation of the female pelvis. It is the ideal platform for hands-on examination as well as diagnosis of pathologies and abnormalities.

It can be used for many levels of training from undergraduate onwards, as well as in family health.


Skills Gained:

  • Recognition of perineal and pelvic anatomy including bony landmarks
  • Digital vaginal examination
  • Bi-manual examination
  • Cervical smear procedure (including use of speculum)
  • Digital rectal examination

Product Anatomy:

  • Abdomen, pelvis and genitalia
  • Vagina, cervix, anus and lower bowel

Product Qualities:

  • Abdominal wall with fat layer makes palpation more realistic
  • Labia can be parted realistically
  • Each uterus is presented at the correct anatomical angle
  • Partial thighs aid anatomical orientation
  • Soft and strong perineum and labia
  • Abdominal wall can be removed quickly and easily
  • Modules can be changed quickly and easily
  • Latex free
  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water

You will receive:

  • 1 60910 CFPT Abdominal Insert
  • 1 60920 CFPT Module 1: Normal - Nulliparous Cervix
  • 1 Lower torso
  • 1 Base
  • 1 Tube of aqueous gel
  • 1 Carry case
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