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How to Update SimPad and SimPad PLUS Software

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This document explains how to update the software on your SimPad and Link Box, including PLUS version.

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QSG for Simpad with Session Viewer

3,4 MB - English

This Quick Setup Guide will support you in connecting your SimView Mobile system or Session Viewer with SimPad running SW 5.0 or higher
QSG for Simpad with Sim View

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This Quick Setup Guide will support you in connecting your SimView server system with SImPad running SW 5.0 or higher


SimPad 6.5.2


SimNewB improvements and fixes

  • Users can now perform lung recruitment with SimNewB and SimPad
  • Users can now detect umbilical pulse with SimNewB and SimPad
  • Fixed an issue related to SimNewB turning off while charging
  • Fixed an issue related to false hyperflex head detection in neutral position

Additional improvements and bug fixes

  • Bluetooth communication improvements have been introduced for the SimPad PLUS and the new Resusci Anne QCPR + Resusci Junior QCPR manikins
  • Updated firmware for the new Resusci Junior QCPR and Resusci Anne QCPR are now available via Bluetooth from the SimPad PLUS
  • Fix for korotkoff volume on Nursing Anne Simulator
  • Fix for bowel sound on SimJunior and ALS Simulator
  • Support for Nihon Koden Defibrillators
SimPad 6.5.1


Support for New SimNewB, wireless manikin

Other updates an fixes

  • New firmware with guidelines update for Resusci Baby
  • Fix for custom vocal sounds in themes
  • New ECG rhythm to support sinus rhythm for a 60 year old patient, "Sinus 60 year"
  • Fixed update issues with Premature Anne
SimPad 6.4.6 Build 56


List of fixed issues and improvements, compared to SimPad 6.3

  • Fix for typing Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters. Issue introduced in 6.4.0
  • Supports New Nursing Anne Simulator
  • Telemetry Data enabled
  • Connection issues SimView Mobile
  • Fixed support for Checkable Events
    • There are no changes in SimPad 6.4.6 compared to 6.4.5. The purpose of the release is to keep the same version number for SimPad PLUS and SimPad.

SimView Downloads


SimPad 5.9.1 Build 138 (older version)

211,2 MB

Main changes for SkillReporter:

  • Hide selected default Registered Events.
  • Possibility to exclude hand position from QCPR scoring.
  • For manikins that does not support setting for not reducing score on to deep compression a message appears when this is selected
  • General bug fixes.

Main changes for Simulation/System

  • General bug fixes.
SimPad Theme Editor

- English

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - This software will only be accessible using Internet Explorer

The Theme Editor is an online PC software tool for creating Themes for the SimPad system when operated using the Manual Mode. The program allows you to easily make new Themes with States and Interventions.

SimPad Audio Converter

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This software converts *wav or *wma audio files into RAW files requested to be used with SimPad
SimPad software version -

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Having a SimPad software Version below 1.7.5 and want to upgrade to the latest? Then you will ned to update to 1.7.5 before updating to the latest.

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