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SimDesigner v. 6.3.0

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The SimDesigner software is compatible with LLEAP and SimPad.

SimDesigner software is included when you download LLEAP. This download allows you to install SimDesigner software without installing LLEAP on the same computer.

New features:

  • Added support for reporter roles. Different events can be presented to different reporters/instructors. Requires that you run one Intructor application per role.
  • Instructor popups can be linked to a reporter role and only shown to desired reporter/instructor.
  • Now possible to test on CPR quality in a scenario. See new parameters under Additional symptoms on the "Parameter limits" event. Available for 3G family and SimMan ALS simlators.
  • Added new response "end session and debrief" which will automatically stop the session and go to debriefing.
  • Now possible to define Expression Conditions. See new Special event "Test on advanced expression.
  • Now possible to move several states at the same time. Hold down [control] key while moving a state and all states in that phase will move with it.
  • Now possible to export and import scenario comments to/from a comma separated file (.csv)
  • Popup events can now be used as normal events.
  • Now possible to show an instructor popup with a configurable set of buttons and have the scenario check which button was clicked by the instructor.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where VF amplitude would be too small when converting a SimPad theme.
  • General maintenance, bugfixes and improvements.

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