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PALS Instructor Manual
2015 Guideline

모델 번호: 15-1047
부가세 별도 가격: ₩ 62 000
부가세 포함 가격: ₩ 62 000
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The PALS Instructor Manual includes essential information and Lesson Plans PALS Instructors need to teach the
PALS Course, PALS Update Course, and conduct the hands-on session for HeartCode® PALS.

Following are the specifications for this manual:

  • 8.375” x 10.875” manual
  • Contained within a full-color soft cover
  • 3-hole drilled; loose leaf
  • Shrink-wrapped 


Includes 408 total pages of text, lesson plans and full-color images (includes 8 blank pages): 

  • PALS Lesson Plans – 78 pages / 16 Lesson Plans
  • PALS Update Lesson Plans 34 pages / 12 Lesson Plans
  • HeartCode PALS Lesson Plans – 26 pages / 8 Lesson Plans

Includes 3 appendices:

  • Appendix A: 17 Skills Testing and Competency Checklists
  • Appendix B: 16 Practice and 14 Testing Case Scenarios
  • Appendix C: ECG Rhythms

Includes 6 divider page tabs

Includes the PALS Instructor CD, containing the following supplemental and administrative information and tools:

Precourse Materials

  • Equipment List
  • PALS Course Sample Agenda
  • PALS Update Course Sample Agenda
  • HeartCode PALS Course Sample Agenda
  • Sample Precourse Letter – Student
  • Sample Precourse Letter – HeartCode Student
  • Sample Precourse Letter – Instructor

Course Materials

  • PALS Lesson Plans
  • PALS Update Lesson Plans
  • HeartCode PALS Lesson Plans
  • PALS Course Progress Checklist
  • PALS Update Course Progress Checklist
  • Child CPR and AED Skills Testing Checklist
  • Infant CPR Skills Testing Checklist
  • Learning Station Competency Checklists
  • PALS Practice Case Scenarios (16)
  • PALS Testing Case Scenarios (14)
  • Team Dynamics Debriefing Tool
  • PALS Case Scenario Testing Checklists (12)
  • Team Role Labels
  • PALS Systematic Approach Algorithm
  • PALS Systematic Approach Summary
  • Pediatric Recognition of Respiratory Problems Flowchart
  • Pediatric Management of Respiratory Emergencies Flowchart
  • Pediatric Recognition of Shock Flowchart
  • Pediatric Management of Shock Flowchart
  • Life Is Why™ Activity Page ·

Intended Audience: The PALS Instructor Manual is for use by PALS Instructors teaching the PALS Course, PALS Update Course, or conducting hands-on sessions for HeartCode PALS.

The AHA’s PALS Course is for healthcare providers who either direct or participate in the management of respiratory and/or cardiovascular emergencies and cardiopulmonary arrest in pediatric patients. This includes personnel in emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care, and critical care units such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, and others who need a PALS course completion card for job or other requirements.


Continuing Education (CE) Information: The AHA has applied for continuing education accreditation for the PALS Course. Specific CE language will be reflected on the CPR.Heart.org PALS webpage at course launch.


Replaces old part # 90-1054

ISBN # 978-1-61669-547-7


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