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Korean BLS Instr EBook E Book

모델 번호: 15-2008
부가세 별도 가격: ₩ 62 000
부가세 포함 가격: ₩ 62 000
기본소생술 강사 매뉴얼 eBook (Basic Life Support Instructor Manual eBook)

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Course Description: BLS is the foundation for saving lives after cardiac arrest.

The AHA’s BLS Course has been updated to reflect new science in the 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines Update for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (2015 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC).

This video-based, Instructor-led course teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both in-facility and prehospital settings.  


After successfully completing the BLS Course, students should be able to: 

• Describe the importance of high-quality CPR and its impact on survival

• Describe all of the steps of the Chain of Survival and apply the BLS concepts of the Chain of  Survival

• Recognize the signs of someone needing CPR • Perform high-quality CPR for adults, children and infants

• Describe the importance of early use of an AED and demonstrate its use

• Provide effective ventilations by using a barrier device

• Describe the importance of teams in multi-rescuer resuscitation and perform as an effective team member during multi-rescuer CPR

• Describe the technique for relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (choking) for adults, children and infants  



서울시 서초구 남부순환로 333길 9 효천빌딩 2층 (우) 06725
사업자등록번호 : 114-86-61993
통신판매업신고 : 2012-서울서초-194 
대표이사 : 박태훈
전화 : 02-6714-8800 / 팩스 : 02-6714-8899

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