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IVE ACLS Prov Manual
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모델 번호: 15-2805
부가세 별도 가격: ₩ 71 000
부가세 포함 가격: ₩ 71 000
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 * 2015년도 영문 최신판

  Product Specifications:

  • The following are the specifications for the ACLS Provider Manual:
  • 8.375” x 10.875”
  • Includes 208 pages of full-color images and text
  • Bound within a full-color soft cover
  • Includes ACLS Pocket Reference Card Set
  • Set of 2 cards: ACLS Cardiac Arrest, Arrhythmias & Their Treatment; and ACLS Acute Coronary
  • Syndromes and Stroke
  • Shrink-wrapped
  • ACLS Precourse Preparation Checklist Card will be available on ACLS Student Website and CPRverify.org

After successfully completing the ACLS Course, students should be able to:

  • Apply the BLS, Primary, and Secondary Assessments sequence for a systematic evaluation of adult patients
  • Perform prompt, high-quality BLS, including prioritizing early chest compressions and integrating early
  • automated external defibrillator (AED) use
  • Recognize and perform early management of respiratory arrest
  • Discuss early recognition and management of ACS and stroke, including appropriate disposition
  • Recognize and perform early management of bradyarrhythmias and tachyarrhythmias that may result in cardiac
  • arrest or complicate resuscitation outcome
  • Recognize and perform early management of cardiac arrest until termination of resuscitation or transfer of care,
  • including immediate post–cardiac arrest care
  • Evaluate resuscitative efforts during a cardiac arrest through continuous assessment of CPR quality, monitoring
  • the patient’s physiologic response, and delivering real-time feedback to the team
  • Model effective communication as a member or leader of a high-performance team
  • Recognize the impact of team dynamics on overall team performance
  • Discuss how the use of a rapid response team or medical emergency team may improve patient outcomes
  • Define systems of care

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