Our Company

Laerdal Global Health (LGH) is a not-for-profit company that develops simple, durable, culturally adaptable and affordable products and programs aimed at helping save lives of newborns and mothers in low-resource countries.


Helping Save Lives of newborns and mothers 

in low-resource countries.


No one should die or be disabled
unnecessarily during birth.


 Our Goals 

Every day, 800 mothers die giving birth. And everyday, 8,000 newborn babies die. The majority of these deaths are preventable. We believe we can help.

By 2020, our goal is to help save 400,000 more lives per year.

We will reach our goals by:

  • Helping train and equip more than 1 million birth attendants
  • Introducing 12 - 15 disruptive innovative solutions that are durable, simple, culturally adaptable, and affordable
  • Catalyzing innovative partnerships and alliances
  • Establishing financial self-sustainability*

Ninety-nine percent of Day of Birth deaths occur in low and middle income countries. The Sustainable Development Goals developeed by the UN targets each country to have a maternal mortality of less that 70 per 100,000 and a neonatal mortality of less than 12 per 1,000. To support these countries in their goals, Laerdal Global Health develops products and programs implemented at scale through global partnerships and alliances.

Learn more about the work we do through our annual video:

Our logo shows a mother tenderly embracing her newborn baby. The logo is inspired by Minara holding her baby Shifa, who was the first baby that was saved by a midwife trained with our programs.


*LGH is an independent sister company of Laerdal Medical AS. LGH will receive funding of $30 million from Laerdal Medical AS through 2020, with the aim of being self-sufficient thereafter.