Documentaries, newspaper and magazine articles related to our work and us.

Media on Laerdal Global Health

Innovations that can save hundredthousands of lives - Bistandsaktuelt on Laerdal Innovations (Norwegian)

Does the Prime Minister have time for a quick delivery? - Erna Solberg visiting Laerdal Global Health in Stavanger (Norwegian) 

Visjon 2030 - Laerdal Global Health innovations as top five innovations presented to Foreign Minister Børge Brende at Visjon2030  (Norwegian)

Norwegian actor’s engagement in global health – White paper by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Service and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read about Laerdal Global Health on page 98-99.


Press release on the launch of the Day of Birth alliance

Press release on the release of the Helping Mothers Survive program

Media on the challenges around the Day of Birth

Zambia: Saving Mothers Giving Lives - Video on how this program that includes Helping Babies Breathe and Helping Mothers Survive training has increased deliveries at birth in zambia

Kenya: Helping Baby Job Breathe – Video on Helping Babies Breathe implementation experiences in Kenya shown on ABC News network, November 2011

Invisible Lives - The BBC World documentary, Invisible Lives, follows Save the Children's Dr. Joy Lawn as she travels to Malawi and Nepal to see how these two countries are addressing their previously unrecorded, "invisible" burden of newborn deaths.

MIMBA - Documentary on the efforts to decrease maternal mortality rates in Tanzania

The Peril’s of Pregnancy - TIME Magazine, June 14, 2010