Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering, pricing, and shipping

Do I qualify for not-for-profit pricing?

Laerdal Global Health has committed to offer our products to low-resource countries on a not-for-profit basis. Click here for the list of 75 countries that qualify for not-for-profit prices. In some instances, products are first shipped to a third country for logistics reasons, but then used in one of the listed countries, this is also acceptable; the order form will prompt you for a country and project description.

How can I order products for use outside of low resource countries?

If you do not qualify for not-for-profit pricing, you may purchase some of our products through Laerdal Medical.

How can I order products?

If you qualify for not-for-profit pricing, you may order products one of two ways:

-Using the online forms system at https://laerdal.wufoo.eu/forms/lgh-purchase-order-form/

-If you have poor internet connectivity, you may download the order form here, and fax or email it to us.

What methods of payment are available?

Two payment methods are offered: Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

Once the order is received, more detailed payment instructions will be sent as part of the order confirmation.

Are discounts offered for large volume or bulk orders?

As our prices are already at a not-for-profit basis, we are unable to offer discounts for larger orders.

What are the delivery terms?

The products are shipped from either Laerdal’s plant in Suzhou, China, or our distribution centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. When we receive the order, we will obtain shipping quotes from our freight forwarders and get back to you with information about the estimated shipping costs. We will always ship out from the place where the shipping costs are lowest.

The delivery terms are EXW (Incoterms 2010) Laerdal Warehouse Suzhou, China or EXW (Incoterms 2010) Laerdal Warehouse Johannesburg, South Africa.

How long will it take for me to receive my products?

For small orders, products will usually be shipped out from our warehouses 1 week after payment.

For large orders, shipment will be arranged as soon as possible, depending on the order volume.

Actual transit time will depend on shipping method and location of customer. The above refers to when goods leave our warehouse.

Product Related

Where can I learn more about my products?

Full list of product pages available here.

Subscribe to the LGH youtube channel here.

Do the resuscitators or penguin suction have a limited shelf life or expiry date?

The resuscitators or penguin are not defined by Laerdal to have a limited shelf life or an expiry date, as their components are made with durable materials. A device may last for years or decades, depending on how it is stored and reprocessed. Longevity is reduced by excessive exposure to disinfection chemicals. Limit exposure of the device components to chemicals beyond what is required to achieve high-level disinfection, and rinse any chemicals off thoroughly. Our User Guides includes product testing instructions before use--and if the device for any reason fails testing, the device should be taken out of service, inspected, and retested. Valve membranes are available for purchase as spare parts.

Does my product have a warranty?

All LGH products qualify for the Laerdal Global Warranty. For most products, there is a one year coverage from the date of purchase. For more details, see the warranty page.

Who can I contact about a problem with a product?

You may fill out a product feedback form.

Or send an email to LGH@laerdal.no

Support and Collaboration

Does LGH offer financial support or product donations?

Financial Support - Currently, LGH does not have any funding available for organizations or individuals to apply for. However, Laerdal Foundation provides support to research projects focused on the UN Millennium Development Goals on 4 and 5

Product Donation – Unfortunately, LGH does not offer product donations as we already offer our products to low-resource countries on a not-for-profit basis. Click here for the list of 75 countries that qualify for not-for-profit prices.

How can I get involved with a training program?

Please contact our partner organizations to get involved with relevant training programs:

Helping Babies Survive (including Helping Babies Breathe and Essential Care for Every Baby)

Helping Mothers Survive

Where can I learn more about LGH employment and internship opportunities?

Internship/Job opportunities- We post job openings through Laerdal Medical’s career portal.

Volunteer – LGH works through partners to implement our product solutions and training programs, please contact a relevant partner organization for volunteer opportunities. (links to various organizations at the bottom of this page)

How can I support LGH?

We would also love to hear about your stories! This may be experiences in the fields we work in, or interactions with our team and partners, or feedback about our products. Share your stories with us via Facebook, Twitter, or email at lgh@laerdal.no.

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