Our Stories

First Save (Bangladesh)

When Minara went into labour, she called for birth attendant Jubayda to help - the baby was in breech position and in distress. While Jubayda did all she could during the delivery, Minara’s baby was born lifeless. Trained in the Helping Babies Breathe program, Jubayda was able to put her new skills to use. A family member said, “We thought the baby had died, but you proved that a skilled worker can revive a newborns life.” 

 Baby Taiyaba (Bangladesh)

 When Rikta’s baby girl was born, she was not breathing. The birth attendant, Sakhina Begum, who had been trained in the Helping  Babies Breathe program just one week before, knew what to do. After attempting to revive the baby by stimulation unsuccessfully,  Sakhina performed resuscitation using a bag and mask, followed by suction using products she had been given at training. Within a  minute, baby Taiyaba cried out. 


Joyce (Kenya)

Just after Joyce gave birth to her baby girl, she started to bleed profusely. The midwife, Juliet, realized that Joyce needed help right away or she might die from blood loss.  Juliet had been trained in the Helping Mothers Survive - Bleeding After Birth program so she was able to identify the problem quickly and stop the bleeding. Joyce was very thankful - she considered naming her baby after the midwife who saved her.


Baby Agness (Malawi)

Agness was not breathing when she was born at Chongwe District Hospital in Zambia. Thankfully, Midwife Hamalala had been trained in Helping Babies Breathe, and she was able to save the live of Baby Agness. Agness Mumba is now growing up with her mother Katherine, her father Patrick, and her brothers and sisters.