Buy One Gift One

For each birthing simulator purchased through Laerdal Medical for use in high-income countries, a second one is being donated to support the Helping Mothers Survive initiative in low-income countries. 


Laerdal Global Health’s first birthing Simulator, for training
both normal delivery and postpartum complications,
including severe bleeding, uterine atony and retained

It comes with the NeoNatalie Newborn simulator and can

also be used to train on newborn resuscitation.

MamaBirthie - NEW

MamaBirthie is now added to the Buy One Gift One

This versatile trainer is a tool for training realistic normal
birth and labor complications, including breech, shoulder
dystocia, and assisted deliveries. MamaBirthie can be used
as a tabletop model for demonstration and on the body
for simulation training.


In 2015, an estimated 300,000 women and 2.7 million newborns died from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth. Though WHO emphasizes the importance of skilled health professionals attending all births,  in low-income countries only 51% of women benefit from skilled care during childbirth (WHO2015). Since the launch of the Buy One Gift One initiative, around 4000 MamaNatalie birthing simulators have been donated to help train thousands of health workers in the Helping Mothers Survive Program in 40 countries. 

Watch the following video to see impact of the scale-up of Helping Mothers Survive in West Africa using BOGO units:


Mama Regina, pictured on the left, had parts of her placenta still left in the uterus and started bleeding heavily after delivery. Luckily her midwife had been trained with MamaNatalie to stop the bleeding and remove the remains, so that Regina could live to see her daughter Gloria grow up.


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