Penguin Newborn Suction is a reusable suction bulb intended for removal of fluids from a newborn's nasal and oral cavities. It is made of transparent silicone to allow visual inspection of suctioned matter and cleanliness. The length and shape of the nozzle is designed to reduce harm to the newborn's mouth and nose. The Penguin bulb can be high-level disinfected by boiling, chemical disinfection, or autoclaving, and can withstand hundreds of uses. The neck opens to enable access to the inside of the head and body for effective cleaning. Penguin Newborn Suction is included in the NeoNatalie Complete Kit, or can be ordered separately.

Detachable head for easy cleaning and inspection Ergonomic form for precise control Soft, flexible suction tip Stands upright and will not roll away



Penguin Newborn Suction

Catalogue no. 986000




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