Moyo is an affordable fetal heart rate monitor designed for intermittant and prolonged monitoring in low-resource settings. With a 9-crystal sensor, Moyo picks up fetal heart rate in a wide area and detects rate in less than 5 seconds. Moyo enables birth attendants to make appropriate obstetric interventions and eases the workload without interrupting existing routines. To increase reliability of the detected heart rate, Moyo also measures maternal heart rate. Moyo is lightweight and portable so the mother can wear and move freely. Moyo gives a visible and audible alarm for the health worker and/or mother when fetal heart rate is not normal.


Attached to mother's abdomen for prolonged monitoring

Provides an alarm when abnormal fetal heart rate is detected

Can measure maternal heart rate for easy comparison

A 9-crystal sensor can  detect fetal heart rate within a few seconds



Moyo Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

Catalogue no. 510-00033





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This unit is not available to be shipped to the United States.