Sexual and Reproductive Health


LGH is currently expanding its sexual reproductive health and family planning portfolio with the Uterus collection. The Uterus Collection, consisting of Mama-U and Sister-U, provides training to health care providers in insertion and removal of Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) in postpartum and interval uteri, vaginal examinations/inspections and post-abortion care. We hope to train and equip providers such that these reproductive health services can be safely and widely available. 

Working as a global partner in the Family Planning 2020 vision, Laerdal Global Health seeks to support women and girls to realize their sexual and reproductive rights so that they can decide freely and for themselves whether, when and how many children they want to have, by increasing the number of safe options available to them.


Family planning is essential to reducing maternal and neonatal mortality in low resource settings. Research shows that as much as 30% of maternal deaths and 10% of neonatal deaths could be averted if women space their pregnancies two years apart. Additionally, early marriage and child bearing have serious health implications on young girls. Maternal death rates for young women aged 15 to 19 are twice as high as for older women, and young women who give birth before the age of 20 have a double risk of preterm delivery, compared to women who are over 20. Access to family planning methods for spacing empowers women to raise healthier children.


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