Helping Mothers Survive Pre-eclampsia & Eclampsia is an evidence-based educational program to teach birth attendants the lifesaving skills on how to manage and control pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, the second leading cause of maternal deaths. To read more about the Helping Mothers Survive program, click here.


The Helping Mothers Survive Pre-eclampsia & Eclampsia educational material includes:

- Action Plan Wall Poster

- Facilitator Flip Chart

- Provider Guides

- MgSO4 Checklist/Monitoring A4 Sheet

-Medication Table A3 Poster

The materials are currently available in English with both International/Asian (33) and African (41) drawings.



HMS PE&E Provider Guides (Qty. 20)

Catalogue no. 994-001xx



HMS PE&E Facilitator Flip Chart Set

 1 Facilitator Flip Chart, 2 Action Plan Wall Posters, 1 MgSO4 Checklist/Monitoring A4 Sheet, 1 Medication Table A3 Poster 

Catalogue no. 994-002xx




HMS PE&E Extra Posters (Qty. 2 x 5)

2 Extra posters (5 of each)

Catalogue no. 994-004xx





* Due to resource contraints, Laerdal Global Health will only print these materials when sufficient order numbers are requested. If interested in purchasing this product, please contact:

When ordering, replace XX with the relevant version: Asian-English = 33; African-English = 41.


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