Programs & Alliances

Day of birth
Laerdal Global Health will focus on projects and products that may help birth attendants of all categories to save and protect the lives of newborns and mothers the day of birth. Initially, prevention of death and disablement caused by birth asphyxia and postpartum haemorrhage will be prioritized.

Work through alliances
Our aim is to support our alliance partners in developing and implementing simplified and efficient training courses for newborn resuscitation and maternal emergencies that can be implemented as part of integrated programs for Essential Newborn Care (ENC) and  Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (BEmONC).

Training and therapy
We will support the implementation of such programs by developing, manufacturing and distributing culturally sensitive and highly affordable needs-based products for both training and therapy.

Priority countries
It will be the goal of Laerdal Global Health to help as many as possible developing countries reach the MDGs. Initially, the focus will be on 4-6 countries that are considered to be good candidates for setting good examples already by 2010-2013.

The main criteria for selecting focus countries will be the commitment by national health authorities to achieving MDGs 4 and 5 through integrated national plans for ENC and BEmONC, including:

  • Training the current birth attendants (typically nurses and midwives)
  • Equipping those being trained with appropriate life saving tools
  • Scaling up the number of birth attendants
  • Having plans to reach the rural areas (where typically ¾ of the population live)
  • Commitment to sustaining the programs through monitoring and evaluation

They should preferably also have strong local representation and also be prioritized by one or more of our alliance partners.

Based on these criteria, Laerdal Global Health will initially focus on Tanzania, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and selected states in India. 1-2 additional countries may be added to this list.