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2,7 MB - Multilingual


Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) v. 6.4.1

1 556,7 MB

Main changes:

  • LLEAP now supports the new "Nursing Anne Simulator"
  • Added new ECG rhythm "Sinus 60 years" that represents a healthy 60-year-old patient.
  • Changed default level for ST elevation in Sinus AMI rhythms.
  • Changed default severity of Hyperkalemia rhythm.
  • The "Theme" dropdown menu in LLEAP now allows selecting among all themes in the Themes folder.
  • Added ability in profile editor to set the timeout before LLEAP session is automatically paused.
  • Improved reporting of "examining eyes" on SimMan 3G in bright sunlight.
  • Now possible to disable Wi-Fi on all simulator types
  • Improved usability of "Simulator Firmware & Network Wizard" making it simpler to update simulators and configure their network settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the SimMom EFM patterns- "Early decels" and "Variable decels" were crossed. Also, the "Synced decels" pattern would not generate the correct response to contractions if used in a user defined preset/pattern.
  • Fixed an issue where VCA would not work correctly if the SimMan3G computer name was longer than 15 characters.
  • Fixed an issue with connecting to a simulator if the simulator name contained the characters '.', ';' or '='.
  • General maintenance, bugfixes, and improvements.
Laerdal Patient Monitor v. 6.4.1

1 033,4 MB

The Laerdal Patient Monitor software is compatible with LLEAP and SimPad.

Laerdal Patient Monitor software is included when you download LLEAP. This download allows you to install Laerdal Patient Monitor software without installing LLEAP on the same computer.

Main changes:

  • Reduced variance of the BP numeric values on the Patient Monitor.
  • Fixed an issue with partial clipping of 12-lead ECG on Patient Monitor.
  • Fixed an issue where the fetal heart sound was played in post delivery.
  • Fixed an issue where HR would be shown as “?” when the measured heart rate is very low (e.g. in asystole).
  • Fixed an issue where PM sometimes shows as a black screen when starting a new session.
  • Fixed an issue where PM is not always shown on top after debriefing and starting a new session.
  • General maintenance, bugfixes, and improvements.
Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) - patch 6.3.2

131,6 MB

This patch resolves the below issues:

  • When performing synchronization to SimStore some are experiencing problems with content not releasing from LLEAP.
  • The message "Please wait for background task to finish" is resolved.
  • Physiological patient cases that leads to cardiac arrest fails to stop breathing.
  • Patient Monitor 6.3.0 has been failing to reconnect if the connection to Link Box has been lost.

The patch also include changes to SimMan 3G family simulators, remember to update Simulator.

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Laerdal Patient Monitor 6.3.0

1 116,7 MB

The Laerdal Patient Monitor software is compatible with LLEAP and SimPad.

Laerdal Patient Monitor software is included when you download LLEAP. This download allows you to install Laerdal Patient Monitor software without installing LLEAP on the same computer.

Main changes:

  • Now able to play more media formats
  • General maintenance, bugfixes and improvements
Laerdal Patient Monitor patch 6.3.0 Build 3141

2,7 MB

This patch fixes an issue where a Patient Monitor running on an ELO touch screen doesn't register touch input when selecting radiology/media/labs files to present on the monitor. The patch is only required if you use an ELO touch screen connected as a Patient Monitor screen.

IMPORTANT: This patch requires that LLEAP 6.3.0 is installed. If you only have Patient Monitor installed and need this patch, please either install LLEAP first and then the patch, or contact customer support to resolve the issue.

Laerdal Simulation Home patch ver.6.3.1

67,1 MB

This patch fixes an issue on some PCs where users of SimLink ad-hoc connections have problems connecting.

IMPORTANT: Using SimLink is not recommended and this fix will not solve all connection issues with SimLink. Instead of using SimLink, Laerdal recommends that you whenever possible connect your devices in one of these ways, in prioritized order:

1. Connect to your company's wireless network, preferably configured as a VLAN.

2. Set up and connect to a dedicated wireless simulation network using a wireless access point/router.

3. Use Laerdal Network Selector to create a Hosted network.

Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) v. 6.3.0

1 636,8 MB


    Before installing LLEAP 6.3, to secure a successful installation, please make sure the PC is fully updated through Windows Update. If you have problems starting LLEAP after installation, please download and run the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable from this location: Link.
    Select and run vc_redist.x86 then try running LLEAP.

If using SimView with LLEAP 6.3 then SimView Server Version 6.1.6339 or later is required. We recommend you download and install the latest version from here

Note that all computers in your simulator environment should use the same version of the LLEAP SW.

Use the Simulator Firmware & Network Wizard to update your simulator after LLEAP has been updated.

See help file for details.


  • Improved support for Hosted network in Windows 10. This means the LLEAP PC can act as a wireless access point, running a network for a single simulator. One simulator, one Patient Monitor and one Instructor Application or SimPad can be connected to this network.
  • Improved support for having multiple LLEAP Instructor applications connected to the same simulation session, for supporting multiple instructor roles.
  • Added ability to show custom input dialogs when running a scenario utilizing this ability.
  • Added possibility to have multiple SimMom deliveries in the same session.
  • Added custom deceleration type for SimMom EFM. Now possible to control the appearance of decelerations in detail.
  • Added auscultation focus for SimMom. Requires that Link Box is updated to the version that comes with LLEAP 6.3.
  • Added ability to set custom drug names for RFID tags also available when running scenarios. See drug tab in profile editor.
  • LLEAP avatar will now indicate if the airflow is blocked (e.g. when tongue fallback is activated).
  • LLEAP now showing a more smooth animation of the compression rate "speedometer".
  • Added ability to collect LLEAP log files by right clicking on the Help tile in Laerdal Simulation Home.
Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) software download

- Multilingual

LLEAP software unifies the control of all PC operated Laerdal simulators and brings simplicity to running simulation training.

Click the software link above to trial the software and learn about how you can start using LLEAP with your existing PC operated simulator.

The LLEAP software download includes the Laerdal Patient Monitor and SimDesigner software.

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