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Anal Sphincter Trainer

For practising the techniques associated with the repair of the internal and external sphincter (third degree tear).


  • Recognition of internal anatomy
  • Tissue handling
  • End-to-end repair of the external sphincter
  • Overlap repair of the external sphincter
  • Repair of the internal sphincter and mucosa


  • Perineal skin
  • External sphincter
  • Internal sphincter
  • Mucosa
  • Muscle tissue


  • Durable, long-lasting perineum and frame
  • Each replaceable Anal Sphincter Block presents 2 repair sites (1 site is preincised, the other is uncut)


  • Anal Sphincter Perineum
  • Anal Sphincter Block
  • Anal sphincter block clip
  • Base
  • Bench top clamps (x2)
  • Carry case
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