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Luchtwegen voor NIEUWE Resusci Baby, 5 stuks

Artikelnummer: 161-10550
Basisprijs excl. BTW: € 40,00
Basisprijs incl. BTW: € 48,40
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Pack of 5 Resusci Baby complete airways. For lung foil only please refer to 161-10005.

Can be used with these babies:
161-01260 Resusci Baby QCPR wireless
161-001250 Resusci Baby QCPR (pre-2019)
160-01250 Resusci Baby First Aid 
162-01201 Resusci Baby QCPR HC
163-01001 Resusci Baby QCPR RQI


NOTE: this item cannot be used with
162 – 01260 Resusci Baby QCPR AW, wireless
This manikin uses a shorter tube. Please use part "162-20051 RB QCPR AW tube w flow valve" and "161-10005 Disposable Lung, 10 pack"

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