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Resusci baby QCPR Upgrade Kit

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Laerdal's Resusci Baby QCPR Upgrade Kit helps Resusci Baby users easily refresh their manikin with new technology, features, a rechargeable battery, and more.

The new electronics will improve feedback device connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy and enable the use of Laerdal's QCPR apps for smartphones and tablets.


What can be upgraded?

Manikins that are compatible with this upgrade:

Can I upgrade my Resusci Baby to the new wireless standard that is compatible with the apps?


Do-it-yourself, quicky and easily

The upgrade kits are designed so the user can do the installation themselves, without the use of technical services or any additional tools.


Resusci Baby QCPR Electrical Upgrade Kit includes

The Resusci Baby QCPR Upgrade Kit includes new electronics featuring Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and a rechargeable battery, which comes standard in the new Resusci Baby QCPR wireless manikins. The kit also includes the required cables and product information.


  • Torso with electrical components, without chest skin
  • 171-10010 5V USB Wall Adapter
  • 181-80020 USB C to A cable (for charging manikin)
  • User guide and Important Product Information
  • Suitcase inlay User Guide, Standard Head


Feedback options after upgrading

Resusci QCPR solutions overview

  • QCPR Skillreporter App for ipads and tablets
  • QCPR Training App for smartphones and tablets
  • Skillguide
  • SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter
  • Skillreporter (PC)




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