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Resusci Anne luchtwegtrainer update kit,
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Artikelnummer: 316200
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Resusci® Anne Airway Trainer Update Kit

High-quality and affordable airway management

The Resusci Anne Airway Trainer simulates complete anatomy of the vocal cords. This provides a useful addition to the basic Resusci Anne manikin to allow training in basic and intermediate airway techniques. The skin is highly elastic and durable and movement is realistic, enabling training simulations which are as close to reality as possible.

Product benefits:

  • Educationally effective for learning core airway management skills
  • Anatomically realistic airway allows training in basic to intermediate airway management with various adjuncts
  • Cost efficient by offering affordable airway updates to existing Resusci Anne manikins

Product features:

  • Anatomically accurate airway allows for realistic practice of basic and intermediate airway interventions with various airway adjuncts including:
    - Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airway insertion
    - Bag-Valve-Mask
    - LMA
    - Combitube®
    - Laryngeal Tube Airway
  • Modular design allows easy attachment to Resusci Anne manikins

Fits the following Resusci Anne SkillReporter Models: 310025, 310055, 320070, 320090, 320025, 320055

Fits the following Resusci Anne SkillMeter: 300010

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