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The PROMPT Birthing Simulator - Force Monitoring version consists of a mother and Force Monitoring Baby and offers learners the unique opportunity to receive instant feedback via the strain guage and software, as to the amount of traction force applied to a baby during delivery.


The mother portion of the simulator is representative of the lower torso, pelvis and upper legs. She has an anatomically accurate bony pelvis structure, modeled from CT scan data. Additionally, she has a stretchable perineum, realistic pelvic floor structure, articulated thighs, and removable abdominal skin for visualization of fetal positioning.


The Force Monitoring Baby is representative of a newborn weighing 2.3 kg. and is fully articulated. It also incorporates a strain guage to monitor the forces (measured in Newtons) applied to the baby as it is pulled from the birth canal. 


The strain guage works in conjunction with software that provides real time graphical feedback. Additionally, the software can be configured for different time intervals and with different intervention markers so that instructors can create scenarios designed to teach specific objectives. The instructor can then save the recorded graphs and events for facilitated debriefing after the training.

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