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LLEAP Fundamentals

Laerdal Learning Application

A LLEAP Fundamentals license allows you to conduct training using task trainers and standardised patients with a simulated patient monitor.

The power of role-play and peer-to-peer learning

LLEAP Fundamentals gives learners the power to conduct peer-to-peer training independently, without the support of additional teaching staff.

By following standardized scenarios, LLEAP Fundamentals can guide a learner through a training session. A learner’s performance can be tracked by their peers and logged for debriefing.  Using scenarios in this way allows for easy access to a controlled experience when it’s convenient for faculty and students.

LLEAP Fundamentals can guide a learner through training sessions using...


Standardised Patient

LLEAP Fundamentals allows instructors to elevate the training environment with human interaction and communication.

Use a simulated patient monitor to change the standardised patient’s vital signs and capture intervention in the timestamped data log.

Task Trainers

Peers can work with a task trainer and a LLEAP Fundamentals scenario will guide them through a simulation.

Logging the events enables built in scoring and controls the scenario's progression. Students receive feedback immediately after the scenario ends and the debriefing log is available for instructor review.

A Monitor

Use a PC or an existing simulated patient monitor to enhance the simulation.

You could also embed video, images, multiple-choice questions, and more into the scenario and display this on the monitor.

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