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Downloads for Resusci Anne Simulator


User Guide RA Simulator

1,5 MB - Multilingual
March. 15. 2018

How to Update SimPad and SimPad PLUS Software

0,4 MB - Multilingual
November. 3. 2017

This document explains how to update the software on your SimPad and Link Box, including PLUS version.
Important Product Information Resusci Anne Simulator 2017

0,8 MB - Multilingual
August. 24. 2017

Updated IPI for Resusci Anne Simulator - RED Directive
User Guide for RA Simulator (NE)

3,0 MB - Multilingual
March. 7. 2014

English, Dansk, Suomi, Norsk, Svenska


Session Viewer Downloads

November. 9. 2017

SimPad PLUS Downloads

- Multilingual
November. 6. 2017

SimPad Downloads

- Multilingual
November. 3. 2017

Use this link to download latest software to SimPad and manikin (LinkBox)
WIN7 64bit USB driver

0,4 MB - Multilingual
June. 5. 2013

This 64-bit driver enables Resusci Anne Simulator and Resusci Anne Advanced SkillTrainer to work with a PC running 64-bit versions of Windows
Resusci Anne Simulator 2010 Resuscitation Guidelines Software

5,8 MB - Multilingual
July. 2. 2012

2010 Resuscitation Guidelines Software

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