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Downloads for Resusci Anne QCPR


User Guide (Video supplement) Software Download for Resusci Anne QCPR and SimPad

- English
December. 7. 2017

This Video User Guide is a supplement to the printed user guide stored at this site. Always read the printed user guide first. This video is meant to be a live visualization of the actions to download SoftWare
User Guide Software upgrade for Resusci Anne QCPR & SimPad

1,7 MB - English
November. 9. 2017

A User Guide on how to update your SimPad and Resusci Anne QCPR With the latest available software. A short User Guide video with the same title is a suplement on the most important sections to the user guide in .pdf Have always this User Guide in front of you when you shall update the SoftWare
User Guide Resusci Anne Periodic Maintenance Kit

3,8 MB - Multilingual
June. 19. 2017

User Guide for 171-20050 Resusci Anne QCPR Periodic Maintenance.
User Guide Resusci Anne AED

5,1 MB - Multilingual
July. 2. 2015

User Guide Resusci Anne QCPR D

4,9 MB - Multilingual
June. 3. 2015

User Guide Resusci Anne QCPR

4,7 MB - Multilingual
June. 3. 2015


Resusci Anne QCPR Benefit Card

1,4 MB - English
June. 23. 2017


QCPR manikin Update RA RB (Windows 7,8 & 10)

6,4 MB - English
November. 9. 2017

Tidy up SW issues:(1)Let RA QCPR remain in last set protocol (ERC/AHA) when turn on next time. (2)Remain in last set communication protocol when turn on next time (BT/WiFi). (3)Improve responsiveness of wireless button. Find a User Guide for SW download and Video (Soon to be released) under DFU at tis site.

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