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Downloads for SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter


SimPad with SkillReporter User Guide English

7,7 MB - English
July. 5. 2016

How to change router channel LaerdalNetMobile

0,4 MB - English
August. 26. 2014

This document describes how to change channel on the router that is needed when multiple manikins are connected to SimPad SkillReporter.
How to view session files from QCPR manikins with SessionViewer

2,0 MB - English
February. 24. 2014

A short startup guide that shows how to review session files from SimPad SkillReporter on SessionViewer.
How to activate software on SimPad using a license key

1,1 MB - English
January. 15. 2014

How to upgrade the SimPad SkillReporter software

0,2 MB - English
December. 20. 2013


SimPad PLUS 6.4.6 Build 28

August. 1. 2018

List of fixed main issues and improvements, compared to 6.3

  • Support for Resusci Junior QCPR
    • 6.4.6 adds improvements on the Bluetooth communications Resusci Junior QCPR
  • Fix for typing Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters. Issue introduced in SimPad PLUS 6.4.0
  • Supports New Nursing Anne Simulator
  • Telemetry Data enabled
  • Connection issues SimView Mobile
  • Fixed support for Checkable Events

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