ECG recognition is a key skill required to be successful in determining a patient’s condition and knowing which algorithm to apply. Learn: Rhythm Pediatric is an interactive, web-based course that introduces healthcare providers to normal pediatric cardiac rhythms and helps prepare them to recognize basic pediatric cardiac arrhythmias in clinical practice. This course is designed for healthcare professionals preparing for PALS certification or requiring remediation in pediatric rhythm recognition.

Learn: Rhythm Pediatric features narrated lessons, animated graphics, and interactive self assessments. Students who successfully pass the AHA Completion Exam can receive a completion certificate and are eligible for CE credits.

Course Outline

  • Part 1: Introduction to the Cardiac Cycle - Presents a basic rhythm understanding and correlation between the ECG strip and heart impulses
  • Part 2: Arrhythmias - Explains the relationship between the ECG strip and heart impulses
  • Part 3: Rhythm Summary - Identifies important characteristics in distinguishing various common arrhythmias
  • Part 4: AHA Completion Exam - Multiple choice exam testing knowledge in basic anatomy, physiology, monitoring techniques, and rhythm identification

Learn: Rhythm Pediatric offers a convenient, flexible means to pediatric rhythm recognition and training.

  • Designed to help students successfully prepare for the ECG objective of PALS
  • Identify specific pediatric cardiac rhythms and arrhythmias
  • Interactive, self-paced and convenient alternative to a classroom course
  • Implement as an individual course or as a complement to HeartCode PALS or a classroom-based PALS course
  • Reinforces learning with self assessments that allow users to test themselves
  • Enables learners to review detailed characteristics and components of each pediatric rhythm strip to recognize specific rhythms
  • Learn: Rhythm Pediatric is a continuing education activity
  • Access to course for 12 months from initial activation, allowing for student refresher option

Continuing Education Information

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