LLEAP Lite is the unlicensed, limited version of LLEAP.  This free software allows you to practice using LLEAP and bench test your scenarios.

Why download LLEAP Lite?

Download LLEAP Lite to evaluate the software using a virtual manikin. Keep in mind, since this version of the software is unlicensed, it has some limitations; it cannot connect to a simulator, patient monitor, or web camera and the session cannot be saved.

 Use LLEAP Lite as a training tool.  Ask your simulation faculty to download the software and practice operation/navigation using a virtual manikin.

 Bench test pre-programmed scenarios – including self-authored content and SimStore scenarios.


Download LLEAP Lite

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Download LLEAP Lite > (File Size: 1.2 GB)

Please allow time to download the large file (approximately up to 2 hours for 1 Mbps line).
Download speeds will vary depending on your connection.

Download PDF instructions for installing LLEAP Lite on PCs with Laerdal Legacy Software >

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What functionality can a license unlock?



Free to download and use

LLEAP Fundamentals

Ideal for task training
and self-directed learning


The whole package

Practice operating LLEAP on a virtual manikin

Bench test pre-programmed scenarios

Train with task trainers and standardized patients


Use a patient monitor in your simulation


Debrief using SimView or Session Viewer


Control a PC-operated Laerdal simulator



LLEAP Tutorials

To help you get started, watch our free video tutorials.
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