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As a valued Laerdal customer, we want to help you reduce barriers and improve your training outcomes.  We know it is difficult to master multiple pieces of simulation software.  That is why we created LLEAP!  LLEAP can help simplify simulation for faculty and staff by unifying the control of all PC operated Laerdal simulators from one intuitive platform.

In order to successfully execute the LLEAP implementation, we recommend the following:


Trial LLEAP Software for FREE

LLEAP Lite is the unlicensed, limited version of LLEAP.  Download LLEAP Lite and evaluate the software using a virtual manikin. Once you have trialed the software, take the next step and complete the Pre LLEAP Implementation Questionnaire (PIQ).  You must complete the PIQ in order to unlock the benefits of LLEAP for your simulation program.

 I confirm that I have checked my PC is compatible and I am ready to download LLEAP Lite.

Download LLEAP Lite > (File Size: 1.2 GB)

Download PDF instructions for installing LLEAP Lite on PCs with Laerdal Legacy Software >



 PC Compatibility Check >



Start the LLEAP Implementation Process

Complete the LLEAP Pre Implementation Questionnaire to help us determine if LLEAP is compatible with your simulation environment.  After LLEAP Technical Support reviews your questionnaire, your local Laerdal Representative will contact you to create a custom proposal to meet your simulation training needs. This may include:

  • Free LLEAP license key(s)
  • Support from Laerdal
    • On-site education with a Laerdal Educational Specialist to help you successfully transition to the LLEAP platform
    • Professionally trained Service Engineers to perform the LLEAP implementation including manikin firmware, PC software, patient monitor software, link box software and SimView software to make sure your equipment works in the best possible way. Learn More >
  • Updated hardware may be required to ensure LLEAP runs at peak performance

Return the completed form to

LLEAP Implementation Questionnaire >




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