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3 Ways to Improve Productivity for Sustainable Success

Prolong the Life Cycle of Your Simulation Lab

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Not adhering to this guidance can often result in regret. This is an important friendly reminder for anyone charged with running a simulation program. When the operational or physical structure of a lab fails, it can take a long time to bring it back to full capacity. During these times regularly scheduled simulations still have to be performed and this can create an environment of stress. Increasing the focus on sustaining your simulation lab can help mitigate threats to ongoing success, not to mention reduce the risk of staff and student disappointment.

How can you prevent and prepare for equipment failures? What can help you to develop a staff of well-trained, confident simulation faculty? Are there ways to decrease downtime in your lab? Shared experiences tell us three effective ways to focus on sustaining your simulation lab so that you can meet whatever demands come your way...

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