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Technology Refresh

Planning for continued simulation success

Technology is constantly changing

Acceptance of this reality doesn’t diminish the fact that change, even if it’s foreseeable, can be difficult and costly to adapt to. Without a plan to keep your simulation equipment current in a systematic, efficient way, your training program is at risk for becoming outdated. As medical science evolves, your simulation equipment must also be updated to support new training demands. 

A technology awareness strategy

Your IT department may plan for the end of life of technology such as phones, computers, and other office essentials, but many organizations overlook simulation equipment lifecycle management needs. The agenda for your facility’s strategic planning conversations should include the impact of outdated simulation equipment on your training budget, productivity, and objectives.

A good technology awareness strategy boils down to four simple steps:

1. Determine your needs
2. Assess the resources available to you
3. Rank the resources in order of usefulness to you
4. Make or allow the time to use the resources

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Blue Street Capital

Simulation Financing Solutions

Laerdal has partnered with Blue Street Capital to help reduce one of the major barriers to keeping simulation technology up to date: the lack of funds. Together, we can help you identify solutions for your simulation needs and then work with you to find the best financial solution to maximize the benefits of leasing and financing.