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Micro HeartSim, complete

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Allows the instructor to select cardiac rhythms for early defibrillation training and enter key events into the printout.

The MicroHeartsim comes in a protective pouch.






The instructor sets the scenario by selecting and activating one of the following rhythms via the MicroHeartsim keyboard:

Normal Sinus Rhythm("NSR"), Ventricular Fibrillation("V.fib"), Fast Ventricular, Tachycardia ("VT.fast"), Slow Ventricular Tachycardia ("VT.slow"), or "Asystole".

At start-up of the Micro-Heartsim "NSR" is the presenting rhythm. Presenting rhythm is shown at the keyboard by a steady light next to the actual rhythm.

Waiting rhythm may then be preselected to follow a defibrillatory shock released to the manikin or as a result of pressing the "Change rhythm" button. The waiting rhythm is shown by a blinking light next to the actual rhythm. By pressing "Ignore shock" button, the waiting rhythm will not be activated after the first shock. This is shown by a steady light next to "Ignore shock" button. Repress to nullify.













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