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Resusci Anne with QCPR

The Resusci Anne® QCPR® sets a new standard for high quality CPR training.   Read more ›

Resusci® Baby with QCPR

The Resusci® Baby QCPR® set a new standard for high quality infant CPR training.   Read more ›

LCSU 4 - Now Available!

Laerdal’s LCSU 4 suction unit combines rugged design with lightweight portability, an essential tool for every first responder.   Read more ›


When simulation tools are easy to use, teaching becomes more effective.   Read more ›


We can help you discover the correct AED you need and find the replacement parts and batteries.   Read more ›

SimMan® 3G

The SimMan® 3G patient simulator is so advanced, it’s actually easy to operate.   Read more ›
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