Emergency Consultants Inc. started quite by chance in 1984. The Texas Department of Health called upon Jerry Reichel, (President of ECI) to help provide EMS training. As an EMS provider, he had already conducted training to meet the specific needs of Emergency Services personnel in West Columbia, Texas. After a short period of time, it became apparent that there was a need for a systemised approach to EMS training to deliver consistent and regular refresher courses that addressed the core parameters and nature of the emergency services. Initially, he had taken the training out to customers on their site, but this proved time intensive and class sizes were often below their potential capacity. He decided to set up a specialist training facility and invest in appropriate skills trainers and other equipment that would not only enhance the learning, but could offer a practical solution to train more on one site. Here, providers in all disciplines of emergency care could also meet and share experiences and understanding.

Today, Emergency Consultants have a 6,500 sq ft. training facility in Deer Park, Texas with administrative offices in West Columbia. They currently train over 250 EMS personnel every year.

ALS Simulator enables scenario training

Emergency Consultants Inc. obtained an ALS Simulator about 8 months ago. “We needed a manikin - an all in one product that allowed people to run scenarios on a patient. Our trainees needed to check a pulse, start an I.V. and run an ECG” said Scott Reichel, Vice President of Emergency Consultants Inc. Prior to buying the ALS Simulator, we trained on manikins that were all in pieces. They used the Intubation Trainer Head for airway management training, an I.V. Arm and a chest piece for running an ECG. We had a need to bring everything together into one piece, and the ALS Simulator did that for us.”

Integrating the simulator into the curriculum

“We had quite the learning curve implementing it into our training curriculum. People were not comfortable talking to it at first, but once we implemented it, the ALS Simulator brought everything we were trying to do all together. Our trainees like the realism of it, especially the skin. It’s very modular, and there is no repair like past models. Most of our trainees are very impressed when they see the ALS Simulator, they like the speed and the ability to take a real blood pressure reading.”

The facility also own a number of more basic skills trainers for specific task training such as intubation heads, as well as typical ambulance equipment such as a suction machine and pocket masks - their correct use, also being observed in the training.

Since first offering in-plant EMS training to the petrochemical industry along the Texas Gulf Coast, ECI has now added many additional courses including Field Days, Remediation and Recertification courses at all levels of EMS Certification. CPR, AED and first aid training, as well as site specific hazardous materials classes are also offered. With the recent expansion of the Deer Park Training Centre, training is now offered both on-site and at the Training Centre. In addition to providing Continuing Education classes, EMERGENCY CONSULTANTS INC. provides a complete tracking and reporting service for each Response Team Member. All training meets OSHA and DSHS guidelines with documentation of training hours and subject matter provided to the client.

The scope of their training now includes:

  • RESCUE TRAINING - High angle, confined space rescue and trench rescue courses are offered on a site specific basis.
  • MASS CASUALTY INCIDENTS - ECI will assist in planning a MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT DRILL based on the needs of the client. EMERGENCY CONSULTANTS, INC. has developed and provided many MCI drills for communities, industrial facilities and airports.
  • FIRE CREW TRAINING - First Aid, CPR, AED and patient packaging programs are available. Other fire related programs include pump operations and emergency vehicle driving.
  • EMS TRAINING - ECI provides a complete EMS training package for ECA, EMT, EMT/I and EMT/P including Initial, Remedial, Recertification and CE programs.
  • HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TRAINING - Site specific medical approach to Hazardous Materials training such as Cyanide, Phosgene, and Hydrofluoric Acid exposure incidents classes are provided.
  • UNIT PERSONNEL TRAINING - First Aid, CPR, AED, site specific HazMat procedures, lock-out-tag-out, electrical safety, fork lift safety and many other site specific programs are available.

Emergency Consultants Inc. offer expert emergency medical training, Hazmat, Rescue, fire and Annual OSHA Required training for employees.