Pick a challenge!

The provision of on-going and refresher training for clinical skills in rare emergencies in a climate strained by budget limitations is one challenge. Add to that the fragmentary nature of primary care itself with the multiple and diverse healthcare disciplines that make up this public service, and then consider the logistical challenges resulting from the wide dispersion of these services throughout a large geographical region. This is the world of Primary Care.

These challenges are not unique to the Fife region, but the development of a simulation centre within a Health Centre is a first and significant step forward to help provide more educational opportunities to a broad range of healthcare staff and improve the overall quality of patient care.


Considering the possibilities

“We wanted to adopt a transprofessional and multiprofessional approach to our education delivery to ensure that medical, nursing and AHP staff were given the necessary training opportunities to develop their clinical skills in the management of acute medical emergencies, cardiac arrest and other events appropriate to their clinical remit”, explains Jim Milligan. “We embarked on a project to construct an educational environment to include ‘virtual learning’ to support the learning needs of the professions fragmented geographically throughout NHS Fife.”

Cardenden Healthcare Centre’s training facility provides educators and staff with a range of online, video conferencing and medical simulation training with the patient simulator SimMan.

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