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Covering the entire patient pathway

SimMan Vascular

SimMan® Vascular is the first medical simulator designed to cover the entire patient pathway in treatment of stroke, heart attack and acute trauma cases.

Saving time – saving lives

For some patients, time can be the most critical factor impacting survival, recovery and long-term health.

SimMan Vascular can improve patient outcomes by extending immersive training to pre-hospital care providers, endovascular specialists and cardiac cath lab teams.

Acute endovascular simulator for quality improvement

Studies conducted in cooperation with Laerdal Medical have shown that a 15-minute reduction in “door-to-needle” time can reduce convalescence up to one month. As it turns out, hospitals that focus on quality improvement also improve patient outcomes as well as organizational performance.

SimMan Vascular is created to let clinicians diagnose and treat the simulated patient using the same equipment and techniques used in their daily work. Inside the cath-lab, clinicians can use endovascular tools including catheters and guidewires. Separate controllers to simulate balloon inflation and contrast injection are also provided. 

Completely wireless, self-contained, rugged and reliable, SimMan Vascular delivers immersive in-situ training when and where it is needed. And, you control everything with LLEAP - Laerdal’s simulation software.

All Inclusive

SimMan Vascular is equipped with everything you need to plan, run and assess your simulation – from the patient simulator to fluoroscopy monitor and LLEAP license.

Scenarios focus on acute interventional specialty areas such as vascular trauma, ischemic stroke and cardiac arrest.

Made with Mentice

Laerdal Medical cooperates with Mentice to provide the high-fidelity simulation experience behind SimMan Vascular.

Mentice is the global leader of simulation-based performance solutions for endovascular therapies.

SimMan Vascular is built on the trusted SimMan 3G platform with built-in Mentice VIST endovascular technology to extend the immersive training course potential to the Endovascular Specialists, Cath Lab team, and Pre-Hospital care providers.

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