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Bag & Stand Advanced Venepuncture Arm

The Bag & Stand Advanced Venepuncture Arm contains a more complex vein structure in combination with the bag, stand and mock blood supply.


  • Venepuncture
  • IV Cannulation
  • IV Infusion
  • Professional-to-patient communication


  • Soft, flexible skin
  • Underlying palpable veins:
    • All models: cephalic, basilic and dorsal metacarpal
    • Advanced model only: median cubital


  • Skin is durable
  • Veins last for up to 500 insertions of 21g needle
  • Blood has been reformulated to improve leak resistance of veins (concentrated liquid to save you money and space)
  • Can be used with vacuum blood collection systems, needle and syringe and IV cannulas
  • Can be used for hybrid simulation and for professional-to-patient communication when using the optional Venepuncture Arm Harness

NB: Veins contain latex

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