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Mobile Integrated Health and Community Paramedicine

Mobile Integrated Health and Community Paramedicine (MIH-CP) offers EMS agencies new opportunities to shape the course of healthcare. Much of today’s patient care is shifting from hospital to home. This presents a challenge because of the unique type of patient care MIH-CP demands. To provide the highest level of patient care, adhere to compliance standards, and to collaborate effectively with hospitals, EMS agencies, and Community Paramedics agencies will need to expand their training. 

How confident are your staff in treating chronic illness? How skilled are they in post hospital discharge care? How accurate are they in conducting acute care patient assessments? Simulation training can address all of these skill areas.

Laerdal is committed to improving patient outcomes and helping save lives. Our solutions are designed to help EMS healthcare professionals provide the highest level of care for all MIH-CP patients, including those with chronic illnesses or who have just been released from the hospital. 

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